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 Roleplaying rules

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PostSubject: Roleplaying rules   Roleplaying rules EmptyTue 13 Oct - 3:58


Welcome on the roleplay rules.
Please read everything before starting, because if you post a message which doesn't respect the rules, it will be deleted.

1) How to write my Roleplay messages?

About the way you have to write, there is no real restriction.
As we wont urge you to use a special symbol, italic, *,  bold etc... to write your actions.
Just do it the way it makes you comfortable. We just have to clearly see the difference between dialogues and descriptions/actions, it's all that matters.
It's preferable though to use the "" when you make your character speak (exemple : "Hi! I'm Daisy!") because it's easier to spot.
But for the rest, just do it the way you prefer. Just take your time, think about ponctuation, skip lines from time to time to make it more comfy to read for others, etc...

If you want to add an out of character side note, make sure it's understandable too. Like, exemple :

//Sorry for the late reply, I took the wrong plane and ended up in China for a bit.\\

2) Does it have to be long?
It doesn't have to be long, everybody has preferences. Also sometimes you can be in a ling reply mood, sometimes short, depending of the inspiration. So just roleplay the way you wish, and have fun. But don't feel under pressure. You don't HAVE to write an essay, this is not a competition between people who will write the longest reply, this is all about having fun.

3) Where and when can I create a topic?
You can create a topic wherever you want, and whenever you want. Well, obviously if you have just been kidnapped by Bowser, it wouldn't be logical to post another topic somewhere else. But you still can, so at least you're not blocked if the other members don't reply. Just choose the place where you want the story to happen, create your topic and wait. You can call it however you want, as long as the title gives a rough idea or what's going on.

Exclamation It's very important to say at the beginning of your message, if it's a private roleplay or an open one or people might not be sure if they can join or not so think about saying [Open rp anybody can join] or  [Private roleplay between X And Y. Z might be allowed later] [Only girls can join]  [Only Koopalings can answer] etc... These were just examples of course Roleplaying rules 767059706

4) Can I roleplay a secondary character in my post if I need it?
If you need a character to interact in your story, you can roleplay as him/her! Just write it with a different color so it's easy to understand. You can also roleplay as a main character if sadly this character doesn't exist on the forum yet. It has to stay secondary though, and only if needed. You can't just roleplay any character all the time everywhere. Your main has to stay your main, and if you really want to roleplay as another main, just create the account Very Happy

(more rules might be added when needed~)

Roleplaying rules HNvYg
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Roleplaying rules
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